Corporate Profile

Revive. Renew. Rebuild.

Symmetry Asset Management’s work includes revitalized urban centres, industrial complexes, and agricultural projects. We also inject new capital into business assets repositioned for growth.

An entrepreneurial spirit drives Symmetry to innovate, create value, and ensure measurable impact. In this culture we apply vision and tenacity to identify prime opportunities – opportunities often missed by our competitors.

Based in Edmonton, Canada, Symmetry Asset Management aims to stimulate economic growth in a region, town, or neighbourhood. Our projects – executed independently or with partners – are resilient, sustainable, and create longer-term wealth.

Symmetry’s diverse range of projects includes:
  • Urban Revitalization
  • Brownfield Development
  • Industrial Plants
  • Energy and Waste Facilities
  • Forestry and Agricultural
  • Mixed-use Clusters

Given the world’s changing economic and political conditions, Symmetry Asset Management works opportunistically. Our approach is never prescriptive, but innovative and patient. We always embrace a longer-term perspective focused on the creation of wealth and value.

A New Direction

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It’s almost universally accepted that governments, businesses, and individual citizens need to protect and improve our natural environment. Symmetry is exploring new ideas and innovative projects in which we can challenge convention and implement green technology and architecture.


Leadership Team

Ultimately, the key to our success is an exceptionally talented and diverse management team. Success is facilitated with dynamic partners who are ready to collaborate and invest at the right price and at the right time.

Sunil Etikela

Project Manager - Environmental Engineer

Mr. Sunil Etikela joined Absolute Environmental Waste Management Inc. in 2012 as a project manager and currently oversees all the facility approvals, regulatory (Alberta Energy Regulator and Alberta Environmental Parks) notifications, and applications for the company. He is responsible for all the regulatory reporting and audits. Sunil’s primary focus is closely integrating environmental and project management practices with business operations to create a strategy that ultimately provides long-term value for the organization.

Sunil Etikela has worked on various projects, including initiation, planning, execution, budgeting, monitoring, control, and closing. One of his past projects consisted of applying for Oilfield Waste Management Facility, Oilfield Processing Facility, and Hydrovac Waste Management with AER. He was also involved in the demolition and re-build of an old Celanese plant. Consistently meeting deadlines, Sunil is a self-starter and highly focused on results, quality, and detail.

Sunil holds a M.S. in Environmental Engineering from the University of Windsor, Ontario and a M.S. and B.S. from India. He has over nine years of field and administrative experience in oil, gas, mining, and government relations. In the past, he was a project coordinator for Walter Energy (a coal mine based out of British Columbia), a project assistant at Essex Region Conservation Authority, and a research engineer at the University of Windsor.

Sunil is committed to ongoing professional development. He is currently working towards his Project Management Professional (PMP) designation.