Corporate Profile

Revive. Renew. Rebuild.

Symmetry Asset Management’s work includes revitalized urban centres, industrial complexes, and agricultural projects. We also inject new capital into business assets repositioned for growth.

An entrepreneurial spirit drives Symmetry to innovate, create value, and ensure measurable impact. In this culture we apply vision and tenacity to identify prime opportunities – opportunities often missed by our competitors.

Based in Edmonton, Canada, Symmetry Asset Management aims to stimulate economic growth in a region, town, or neighbourhood. Our projects – executed independently or with partners – are resilient, sustainable, and create longer-term wealth.

Symmetry’s diverse range of projects includes:
  • Urban Revitalization
  • Brownfield Development
  • Industrial Plants
  • Energy and Waste Facilities
  • Forestry and Agricultural
  • Mixed-use Clusters

Given the world’s changing economic and political conditions, Symmetry Asset Management works opportunistically. Our approach is never prescriptive, but innovative and patient. We always embrace a longer-term perspective focused on the creation of wealth and value.

A New Direction

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It’s almost universally accepted that governments, businesses, and individual citizens need to protect and improve our natural environment. Symmetry is exploring new ideas and innovative projects in which we can challenge convention and implement green technology and architecture.


Leadership Team

Ultimately, the key to our success is an exceptionally talented and diverse management team. Success is facilitated with dynamic partners who are ready to collaborate and invest at the right price and at the right time.

Dan White

Chief Executive Officer

Dan White is an entrepreneur with more 35 years’ of in-depth experience in real estate acquisition, strategic planning, financial analysis, sales, and marketing. Dan is also highly experienced in international trade in natural resources.

Dan has a unique ability to adeptly combine marketing strategy and financial analysis into sound business plans. This has served him extremely well, allowing him to work on exciting projects across Alberta, Canada.

Dan began his career in real estate in the 1970s, restoring modest single building projects in the cities of Edmonton and Calgary, Canada. He then led in the redevelopment of a number of buildings in downtown Edmonton.

Dan’s international experience includes work in Italy and the Caribbean, reporting to his employer’s Zurich-based head office in Switzerland.

Mohammed Farooq (BE, MS)

Chief Operating Officer

Mohammed Farooq has more than 15 years’ experience in corporate structuring and strategic planning, bringing hands-on operational experience to Symmetry Asset Management’s business sectors.

With an exceptional combination of senior management and academic credentials, Mohammed possess the rare skill set essential for maintaining Symmetry’s competitive edge.

He is responsible for much of the day-to-day management of Symmetry’s portfolio and provides the direction that yields profitable operations and growth. Mohammed leads the workforce, oversees financial structures, and ensures resources are available to meet present and future objectives.

Mohammed’s impressive career path includes both M&A and divestiture transactions of approximately CDN $250 million and higher. He has represented private companies, shareholders, and family trusts.

A highly respected professional in his field, Mohammed’s transactional exposure is extensive, including commercial transactions with key industry players such as Celanese Canada Inc., Pope & Talbot Inc., Shell Canada Ltd., Suncor Energy, Keyera Corp., Pembina Pipelines, Plains Midstream, Tervita Corp, and Gilead Sciences.

Mohammed holds a Bachelor’s degree and Master’s degree in Information Technology Management from the University of Wales, Wales, U.K.

David Gamage

Chief Financial Officer

David Gamage brings a wealth of experience and strong financial oversight to the Symmetry Asset Management group of companies.

He plays a key role in the success of one of Symmetry’s companies - Absolute Waste Management. Working alongside Mohammed Farooq and the Symmetry team, David ensures a balanced approach to the waste management business.

Working directly with boards and stakeholders, David is continually able to ensure that executive plans are implemented, monitored, and evaluated for maximum return consistent with each company’s corporate vision.

With more than thirty years as a professional accountant, David has an impressive and intimate knowledge of how and why numbers float around a financial statement. Further, he has acquired the HR skills to work with people, to understand what drives them, and what holds them back.

David has worked with Alberta-based real estate development companies for the last 15 years as advisor and financial officer. His financial oversight has contributed to the acquisition of more than $900 million of real estate; equity and debt financing in excess of five hundred million dollars, as well as the development and management of those real estate holdings.

Shawn Nowokowski

Operations Manager

Mr. Nowokowski joined Absolute Environmental Waste Management Inc. as Operations Manager in 2015. Mr. Nowokowski is responsible for our class 1A deep injection wells and the overall success of our uninterrupted disposal services. Shawn is a seasoned leader with over 10 years extensive experience building and growing operations in the oil and gas industry. He began his career in the oil and gas industry with Newalta Corporation and has held positions of increasing responsibility throughout Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia, Canada. He is an accomplished project leader and pioneered the research and development, construction, commissioning and production phases of the first commercial-scale demonstration plant for the process of mature fine tailings (MFT) at Syncrude’s oil sands mine operation near Fort McMurray, Alberta.

Shawn holds a fourth class power engineering certificate from the Alberta Boilers Safety Association and has received a modern safety management certificate from Det Norske Veritas (DNV). He also completed global training course and has received a certificate awarding him of demonstrating a commitment to improving safety management through skills, knowledge and desire, and providing safety leadership for an injury-free environment.

Sunil Etikela

Project Manager - Environmental Engineer

Mr. Sunil joined Absolute Environmental Waste Management Inc. in 2012 as a Project Manager - Environmental Engineer and currently oversees all environmental reports for the facility (Phase I & II Environmental Site Assessment Reports, Surface & Ground Water Monitoring Reports, Storm Water Management). He is responsible for the monthly volumetric submission required by the AER (Petrinex). He overseas the regulatory and compliance (AER & AESRD) for Absolute waste disposal operations, performs audits for Absolute waste disposal operations.

Sunil’s primary focus is closely integrating environmental practices with business operations to create strategic solutions that ultimately provide long-term value for the organization.

Sunil holds a Master’s Degree in Science and Master’s Degree in Environmental Engineering from the University of Windsor, Ontario. He has over five years of field and administrative experience and is committed to ongoing professional development. He is a registered member of Alberta Society of Professional Biologists (ASPB) as a Biologist in Trainee (BIT) and also a registered member with Canadian Environmental Certification Approvals Board (CECAB) as an Environmental Professional (EP).

Preshit Verma (B. Tech, MS)

Business Analyst

Preshit joined Symmetry in July 2017 as a Business Analyst and brings his entrepreneurial spirit to Symmetry with expertise in creating strategic solutions, identifying emerging technology startups, and finding disruptive and innovative technology solutions to industry problems.

Preshit holds a Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay and Master’s degree in Construction Management from the University of Alberta. Preshit is also the Co-founder of PiQQSPACE Inc. for 2 years, a peer-to-peer startup within the $40 billion storage and parking industry in North America.