Bulk Bitumen Exports

Project Scope

  • Containers size is 40 ft. which can fit ~172 bbls per container
  • 800 containers in service at any give time
  • Bitumen can be delivered via pipeline or rail to be transferred into containers
  • Containers shipped to market by rail & port infrastructure

Key Project Feature

  • Less on the ground infrastructure requirements – modular plant equipment loading facilities is scalable
  • Bags provide short term storage for spot markets sales
  • Can minimize the transit costs and uses non contested ports throughout container movement
  • Significantly more versatile than bulk cargo exports
  • No back haul expense or requirement
  • Cost modeling is straight forward
  • Proven concept in other commodities
  • Packing system can be conducted all year round
  • Ability to stockpile cargo for business continuity
  • Directly ship to consumer and processing plant with minimal rehandling
  • High mobility of product to end users with rail distribution and storage options

LPG/ISO Container Shipments

Project Scope

  • T-50 ISO Containers size is 40 ft. which can fit ~50 m3 per container
  • 500 T-50 ISO Containers in service at any give time
  • Containers shipped to market by rail & port infrastructure

Key Project Features

  • LPG Production in Western Canada is expected to continue to increase providing a surplus of low cost supply of LPG to meet Asian market demands.
  • As a fuel source, emissions from LPG are lower than diesel or fuel oil as Asian markets are looking to convert to LPG blends which presents a significant market opportunity for the export of LPG from Canada to new Asian markets.
  • Symmetry is proposing a new business entity that will provide LPG to Asian markets using T-50 ISO Containers
  • T-50 ISO Containers have been used for years to access isolated markets with direct delivery to retail customers. Currently T-50 Containers are being used in South Korea to proved a cost effective delivery of LPG from North America.
  • The scalability of a T-50 ISO Container Project providing LPG’s can provide for the gradual transition from diesel/fuel oil to a cleaner form of energy.
  • Integration and co-development with with Co-Gen projects