Symmetry is investing in a number of small  to large scale Agri-business projects throughout North and South America. We recognize the growing importance of blending traditional methodologies with improved Bio-technology within the organic & superfood farming industry.
By partnering with local industry groups, communities and international research facilities, Symmetry aims to introduce leading edge solutions to impoverished and underdeveloped areas to promote and empower shared community knowledge, preservation of rainforest and repurposing de-forested areas to create new industry and employment opportunities that will inspire future development of the Organic & Bio tech farming sectors, eco tourism and sustainable resource management.

Progresso Verde

Progreso Verde

Green Paradise is a partnership between local communities and Progreso Verde conceptualized to protect biodiversity, preserve the forest and fund social improvements including healthcare, clean water, affordable housing, education, food security and enhanced safety through the economic activities of Agro-Forestry, Non-Timber Forest Products, Sustainable Forest Management, Eco Tourism and Carbon Forest Credits.

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